Renogy Solar Panel

100W Renogy Solar Panel
This solar panel is about 2’x4′ and 16 pounds. It pulls a maximum of 100W (the most we have seen so far is 85W). It is solid and weatherproof, although I would not leave it out in a hail storm. The goal zero is compatible with any solar panel so long as you get the correct cord to hook it up.
To connect the Solar Panel to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 we used an 8mm adapter cable similar to this. The one we chose has a bit more length (about 5ft) so that the solar panel can sit out in the sun without moving the goal zero. So far it has been very durable and easy to use.
To avoid damage to either the panel or Ferdinand, and the possibility of someone stealing it, we decided to store the panel inside the van between uses. Setting up the solar panel as part of camp is fairly easy.
At maximum power the solar panel would charge the goal zero from empty in 4 hours. We have never let the battery drop lower that 40% and hook up the panel for an hour or two every 3 days while we get ready in the morning. If we mounted one to the roof, we could probably do with a 50W solar panel just fine, although we are happy to have the extra juice.