Yeti Cooler

Erik likes to do a lot of cooking so we knew quality food storage was a must. Looking around the web there are a few solutions for long-term travel. Looking back we might have gone with something a bit more efficient like a portable fridge/freezer, especially after seeing how well the Goal Zero and Solar Panel worked for us. The solution we ended up with is a 35 quart Yeti Tundra Cooler.
A Yeti cooler is a must have for any true Austinite. With its superior insulation the Yeti keeps ice for much longer than any standard cooler. This product has worked pretty much as advertised; In the hot van ice stays for about 2-3 days. The space available after all the insulation is a lot less than you would think, especially after filling up with ice. The frequency of our grocery shopping depends greatly on the Yeti’s storage space. We really should have splurged on a larger version or an actual refrigerator.
Honestly, the best part about the Yeti is that it’s just about the best cooler on the market and once this trip is over it will provide us with many cold beers during regular outtings.

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