Travel Plans

Lets talk about our travel plans!
This journey is all about taking our time and really enjoying the country at our own pace. We have a general guideline mapped out for ourselves but as we travel we will add a new layer so you can see the exact route we end up taking.
We are incredibly lucky to have family and friends who will open their homes(and showers) to us along the way. This, in combination with our fantastic van Ferdinand, an America The Beautiful Pass, and a thirst for adventure, make this journey possible.

Start: Austin, TX on June 3rd, 2017
As excited as we are to get on the road, family always comes first. We are determined to be in Austin during high school graduation to support Oshà’s brother, Ace, and ultimately ensure he starts off on the right foot for his own life adventure.
June-July: New Mexico→Colorado→Utah→Arizona
It may seem odd to be heading into the south-west right in the heat of summer but with the majority of our family and friends in this area, and the cool Northern NM and Colorado mountains as solace, it doesn’t seem like such a daunting prospect. Major points of interest for us in this area include Osha’s family in Northern NM; Rocky Mountain NP in CO; Moab, Arches, and Zion in UT; The Grand Canyon and Erik’s family in Phoenix, AZ.
August-September: California→Oregon→Washington→Idaho
We’re hoping to have gained a level of comfort and expertise in traveling by this point. As we venture into the west coast gas prices skyrocket, free camping diminishes, and big cities loom directly in our path. Nonetheless, we anticipate this part of our journey being absolutely unforgettable. We are looking forward to driving up the Pacific Coast Hwy; bumming around San Francisco; hiking in Yosemite; camping Crater Lake; and exploring the Olympic National Park. Erik’s dad in northern Idaho provides the perfect checkpoint to rest up after this leg of travels.
October: Montana→Wyoming→South Dakota→Illinois→Michigan
October will be all about the scenery for us. Starting out with Glacier NP and Yellowstone, we have a good stretch of driving to do on the way to the east coast. Luckily this will be along some of the most scenic highways in the country at the perfect time to catch the start of the fall color change.
November: East coast→The original 13
The East Coast poses a very different type of travel for us. This is where we channel our inner poet and history nerd. This part of the country contains some of the best museums, historical sites, and cities. It would be really incredible if we could hit each of the original 13 colonies while venturing between cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. By this time we will be surrounded by the beauty of full on NE fall.

To see each stop we have planned and keep up with our route and activities week-by-week, take a look at our map here.
There we have it, the ultimate United States road trip. We know we are missing some really crucial stops, some of which just don’t fit into our route, but if you have a place we just can’t miss out on, let us know!

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