Travel Plans

Lets talk about our travel plans! This journey is all about taking our time and really enjoying the country at our own pace. We have a general guideline mapped out for ourselves but as we travel we will add a new layer so you can see the exact route we end up taking. We are … More Travel Plans

Building a Bed

Building a bed platform inside the van was a huge step towards getting on the road. To us, this means Ferdinand is more than just the Transit Connect we drove away from CarMax; Ferdinand will soon be our home. If you are currently on the road (or considering it) I’m sure you can relate to the … More Building a Bed

Goal Zero Yeti 400

Having a power source was another project that tested our boundaries between van-living and road-tripping. The number of van builds with fully operational electrical systems is incredible. We decided to keep our needs very basic. Our energy source must support 2 cell phones, a laptop, and a fan to move air while we sleep. With … More Goal Zero Yeti 400

Renogy Solar Panel

100W Renogy Solar Panel This solar panel is about 2’x4′ and 16 pounds. It pulls a maximum of 100W (the most we have seen so far is 85W). It is solid and weatherproof, although I would not leave it out in a hail storm. The goal zero is compatible with any solar panel so long as … More Renogy Solar Panel